It’s hard to get lost if you now where you are going

We build end-to-end strategic solutions that align your structure, people and business objectives. As they say, the journey is as important as the destination. We help you connect every insider to your purpose. We work with you to formulate and align your people strategies, structure, processes and culture with your people.

We at 3 Point define the organization HR strategy as a mission critical process that ensures organizations have the quantity and quality of people in place to meet their current and future business priorities. The process covers all key aspects of an employee’s “life cycle” selection, development, succession and performance management.

Key components of a highly effective People Strategy include:

  • A clear understanding of the organization’s current and future business strategies.
  • Identification of the key gaps between the talent in place and the talent required to drive business success.
  • A sound talent management plan designed to close the talent gaps. It should also be integrated with strategic and business plans.
  • Accurate hiring and promotion decisions.
  • Connection of individual and team goals to corporate goals and providing clear expectations and feedback to manage performance.
  • Development of talent to enhance performance in current positions as well as readiness for transition to the next level.
  • A focus not just on the talent strategy itself, but the elements required for successful execution.
  • Business impact and workforce effectiveness measurement during and after implementation.